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  • Do You Know How You Can Keep Your Roof Cool In Hot Summers?


    Fflat rooflat roofing is a popular choice for the homeowners and engineers. But there are a few difficulties of this kind of roof. The flat roof gets heated easily and having a great wide space for absorption of heat, this kind of roof traps the temperature and incidentally warms the house up. Now that may feel alright if the season is winter, but on the hot summers, it will certainly not feel comfortable.

    Edmond gets quite heated up in the summer, and so the residents face the trouble of pent up heat and exhausting temperature rise while staying indoors in summer days. You will end up wasting lots of money on electricity as the air conditioner will need to over work for longer hours. A few renowned roofing companies in Edmond are providing us with the ways to get away with the hot and sultry summer, which are more budget friendly and yet helpful.

    Flat roofs are a great absorber of heat, so you need to make the roof reflect the heat in a more efficient way, so that does not remain static in your roof.

    White elastomeric paint

    This is a special kind of paint which expands while applied and contracts with the surface. The elastomeric polymer present in this color makes it act in a certain way so that the roof it is applied on, reflects solar heat 60 to 75 percent, thus decreasing the building temperature quite efficiently.

    PVC sheathing

    When the roof is well built and strong enough to hold more weight, you can add a single ply PVC sheet to cover up the surface. The seams of the sheathing are usually heal welded and thus, efficiently prevents the rain water to soak in, and also protects the roof floor from weathering. If you are using a branded product, you will get an opportunity of attaching a skylight and suitable chimney vents. This is quite durable an option and will last upto 15 years.

    Asbestos film

    A covering of low sloped asbestos film is also a great option for roof covering. It will guard the roof against the solar heat and light by reflecting the energy in great amount. You need to be sure about the construct so that the film does not blow away with the powerful wind.

    Roofing panel with solar photovoltaic cells

    This is a great and modern method, suggested by professionals of one of the renowned roofing company in Edmond.  This is an ultra thin panel with solar voltaic cells, which will store the solar energy. This energy can be used in your household, and the surplus energy will be sent back to local power supply grid.  This one should be placed over the PVC laminated roof and will give you the soothing atmosphere inside your room.

    Foam insulation

    This is a costlier method and will require your roof to be reinstalled. A layer of solid foam insulation can be placed under your flat roof, and it will modify the temperature of your house by adjusting it to the outer weather.


    The windcatcher is a simple and comparatively budget friendly idea to keep your house cool. A windcatcher can be attached to your flat roof to keep the cool air downward, the humidity cannot be affected by this method though.  This one contains vertical veins which move with the mildest wind movement and pushes the cold air down through a shaft inside the house. There is a shaft which will prevent the inlet to pass the air when the weather is cool.

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