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  • Top Energy Efficient Material For Residential Roofing Installation In Edmond

    Residential Roofing Installation In EdmondThe modern buildings with stylist roofs have often one common problem, that is, the roofing material. The roof may look astounding and well finished, but if the material is not energy efficient, then it will increase your cost in leaps and bounds.

    Now, what is the energy saving roofing material? This is nothing but the materials which will keep your roof cool, and will not conduct the heat throughout the building, thus will save your energy and money. If your house remains cool, you would have to use less air conditioning. So that is the idea, of keeping your house cool by using cool roofing materials.

    The problem with the conventional roofing materials like shingle and wood is that, these items are not a good reflector of heat and thus, absorbs the total heat from the sun. Then it circulates the heat throughout the house and thus, cause the rise of temperature inside. So, if you are thinking of getting residential roofing installation in Edmond or in any other city, please do check for the materials, to make sure if they have the green benefits or not.

    So now, we will be discussing about the materials which can be passed with green benefits (i.e. with the energy efficiency).

    • Metal:

      Metal has the quality of reflecting the heat most efficiently. They reflect almost 80-85% of sun’s heat back, so the house remains much cooler and it decreases the use of air conditioning by 20-30%. The metals used mostly for roofing are steel and aluminium along with some others. They are also safe from insects, and non-flammable.

    • Tile:

      Tiles are a great option for roofing and it has been so for ever. Tiles can be of various colors and thus, helps to beautify the house. These can be painted with a reflective coating to prevent the heat furthermore. Also the heat transfer is minimized by the ventilation provided by the air space in between them when they are settled individually. These are environment friendly too as these can be recycled.

    • The energy star products:

      You can check the energy star products from their website and can be assured of the guaranteed decrease of energy consumption. These roof products reflect the sun rays by 80-85% and thus lowers the temperature by 50 degree Fahrenheit. So very little amount of heat is actually transfers to the house.

    But the energy redemption due to the usage of energy star products also depends upon some factors which vary for each and every building. The design of the building, insulation method used in the building, the local climate, the direction of the home and the building material.

    So choose wisely, when you are deciding upon residential roofing installation in Edmond and always call for professionals for further queries.

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