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  • How Different Commercial Roofing Is From Residential Roofing

    Edmond Roofing CompanyPeople who are looking for a new house are barely aware of the differences of commercial and residential roofing. However, we layman, also should be aware of the differences as these information may help when the roof gets damaged due to natural disaster or for some other reason.

    The general idea about these two different kinds of roofing is, they are composed of same material, and only the scale differs somehow. But the reality is the need and requirement from residential and commercial roof is entirely different. Let us see how different these two kinds of roofing are:

    Installation process

    A good Edmond Roofing Company have both kinds of roofing experts who can deal with the commercial and residential roofing with ease. The residential roofing installation is much simpler process, but commercial roofing experts should be expert on external piping, smoke stack, air flow systems etc.


    Wood shakes, fiberglass shingles or asphalt shingles are the common materials which can be used in both commercial and residential roofing. But the size of commercial roofing does differ along with slope, average weather and function of the commercial building. Commercial buildings often consist of machines, which discharge a huge amount of heat. So commercial roofing should be built keeping all these factors in mind, and the items consist of built up roof, solar shingles and metal roofing, along with other common materials, whereas residential roofs can be built as per the choice of the owner.


    There is a great difference between the designs of commercial and residential roofs. The commercial ones are generally flat and larger ones, which needs maintenance in regular interval. If the commercial roof is with slope, then too, it will have larger installed sections. In case of residential roofing, it is often the smaller one, which is being built to keep the maintenance and repair easy, along with keeping the outer beauty in mind.


    It is safe to say that the commercial ones are costlier to build than the residential ones. The primary reason being the largeness of the commercial roofing, the other reasons are durability and strength, which are typical features of commercial roofing.

    Aesthetic aspect

    Being a house owner, one will always be concerned about the beauty of his house along with the roof. He or she should be careful about how the roof looks from the outside and how the roof matches the whole outlook of the building.  In case of a commercial structure, nothing of this sort occurs to the owner’s mind , as the durability or the strength is much more an important aspect for those ones.


    This is an important factor while creating a commercial roof. This waterproofing part needs to be done with great care, by installing the weather membranes. In case of residential roof, the owner arranges for some shedding structure, or simply keeping the roof sloppy enough to slip all the rain water drain to the ground. Edmond roofing company always pays special attention to keep the slopes of the house adequate.

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